Hi, I’m Kathleen. I help people dig through all the noise out there and build a business from their knowledge.


Do you know things?

Do you want to be known for knowing things?

Maybe even get paid to know things?

I can help.

I can also make you look and sound good on camera, even if you aren’t comfortable there.


Business Coaching

I take a strategic approach with the clients who come to me for business coaching. Together, we figure out where you’re going, and the best way to get there.

Web Design

I create simple websites that are optimized for conversion. Because having a website is important, but it’s basically step zero in terms of building a business.

Video Content Marketing

If you haven’t heard, video is the thing. After decades of trying to optimize and automate, we’re coming back to basics. People do business with people, and the best way to show someone you’re a person is by actually talking about the things you know.


I’ve built a fair number of things.

My portfolio lives on my other website, KathleenCelmins.com.

My video content marketing agency’s website is AmplifiedNOW.com.


I’d love to talk with you!

Email me